About Us

Ayrshire Warriors is a small gym based in Kilmarnock, offering a healthy experience based on inclusion, fun, focus and friendliness.


Why Ayrshire Warriors?

Ayrshire Warriors was born as a young teenage boy training alongside the first person who I believe was the first true Ayrshire Warrior my dad Derek Simpson.

My dad was a professional boxer and had an impressive 57 professional fights to his name although sadly had to retire from the sport due to an eye injury at the tender age of just 28yrs.

I remember my dad took me and my younger brothers along to a few gyms in Ayrshire where he enjoyed training. The place that really stuck in my mind was the boxing gym in Springside located in the back garden of the great trainer and gentleman John Mullen.

For me it was never the competition of the fights that interested me but the boxing training itself which required a great deal of discipline and hard work as well as a shed load of mental and physical strength.

My dad taught me you had to be consistent with your training and turn up even on the most challenging days and put the work in to become the best you can be.

A few years later I found an old coal shed where I was able to put up some punch bags and start training with some like minded friends.

At this point Ayrshire Warriors took off, it’s always been about family so I brought my younger brother Alan Simpson on board and Ayrshire Warriors quickly began to grow a strong community of men and women.


The Ayrshire Warriors Team


Derek Simpson

Derek is a Director Of Ayrshire Warriors and is one of the fitness instructors. Derek is a retired Police Officer with over 30 Years experience and has been involved with Ayrshire Warriors for the past 10 years. During that time Derek has acquired coaching skills from the best in the business meaning you are in very capable hands. Derek’s sessions are both challenging and fun, but will definitely leaving you looking and feeling better for it.

What is your top motivational Tip?
Always remember fitness should be fun.

What is your favourite exercise?

What is your favourite workout music?
Banging Old School Dance Tunes

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to help people improve their health and fitness in a way that’s both fun and challenging.